Keeping fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, is a paramount concern as the Coronavirus pandemic rages on.

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two years since the majority of us were relegated to our homes to work (and play) after the government enforced its first set of lockdown restrictions. The guidelines stated that people should stay at home where possible and only leave for activities such as shop for basic necessities, going to work only if you couldn’t do so from home, meet a support or childcare bubble and exercise once a day as gyms and leisure centres closed their doors.

As result, many of us immediately took to transforming our living rooms and bedrooms into at-home gyms, complete with skipping ropes, yoga matts and dumbbells. As lockdown restrictions have yo-yoed, people have continued to use virtual workouts, courtesy of fitness companies such as Barry’s Bootcamp, Psycle, FRAME and Kobox, to fill their spare time and find a new work/life balance.

Others dusted off their bikes and dug out their running trainers to head outside for fresh air. In 2021 Strava saw a 38 per cent year on year increase in uploaded activities, and welcomed two million new athletes per month to its global community.

With gyms and leisure centres finally open and a new year now upon us, many of us are questioning when (if at all) we’ll head back to a professional workout space and if we do, how we’ll adapt our routines to the lessons we’ve learnt about wellbeing and fitness over the last two years.

As a result, we’ve rounded up the workouts and fitness trends you can look forward to sweating, and smiling, your way through to ensure your mind and body are in top condition this year.

Here are the biggest fitness trends for 2022:

More Mushrooms

Mushrooms might not be the first food to spring to mind when considering which vegetables to add to your diet in 2022. However, they’re widely believed to be the ingredient of the year.

Mushrooms (the non-psychedelic kind) have adaptogenic properties that help counteract the effects of stress on the body. For centuries, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine has used mushrooms to reduce inflammation, support the immune system, brain health, the nervous system and increase energy. ‘Superfood’ mushrooms are now widely available in supermarkets and online and include names like Lion’s Mane (which is full of beta-glucans to protect against oxidative stress), Reishi and Maitake (which help bolster the immune system), Cordyceps (which can improve lung capacity) and Shittake (to support immunity).

It now appears the fitness industry is waking up to the ‘mushroom effect’, with several well-known brands selling mushroom supplements to aid performance and post-workout recovery. For example, Puresport recently launched its Mind Body Mushroom Blend, which contains six medicinal mushrooms. According to its founder Grayson Hart, the blend resulted in the biggest uptake in sales for any product launch the company has done. ‘It exceeded other launches by 48 per cent in terms of sales numbers which shows that there is a genuine appetite and interest for mushroom supplements,’ he tells ELLE UK.

In wider culture, mushrooms are tipped to be hugely popular in the worlds of fashion and food too this year, with mushroom prints appearing in SS22 collections from the likes of Brandon Maxwell, Stella McCartney and Rodarte, while oyster mushrooms are believed to be the new replacement for scallops, according to the New York Times.

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